Chicken Little and the Coronavirus

People, the sky is not falling and the Coronavirus will not kill everyone, calm down.

Here is a little history of past panic:

Typhus or Camp Fever is spread by body lice and is responsible for large epidemics, this happens in unsanitary conditions.  There is NO vaccine to prevent typhus.

Chicken Pox – the varicella zoster virus, there is a vaccine for Chicken Pox however, later in life it is easier to end up with Shingles.   Due to the better availability of foods, ways to clean ourselves and homes and the vaccine, Chicken Pox is all but eradicated in the USA.

Polio – the poliovirus.  Introduced into the body via feces – putting fingers in the mouth after going to the bathroom.  The plumber cured polio, a vaccine did not come out until 8 years after polio was under control.

Measles – Rubeola virus – is highly contagious but can be killed with soap and water.  

Influenza – Influenza virus – symptoms can be mild to severe.   Most flu’s today can be treated at home.

Bubonic Plague – caused by fleas, biting rats and then fleas biting humans.  Streets of filth, trash and defecation were the largest cause of this plague.

Coronavirus – in reality,n some strain of the Coronaviruses will infect most people at some time during their lifetime.  There are different strains of this virus but most symptoms will include: fever, breathlessness and cough.  The biggest cure is hand-washing and cleanliness.

Do you see a pattern?  Wash your hands and body, keep your home and surrounding clean, stay at home when you do not feel well and expect the same from others.  The best ways to protect yourself and family is to keep a strong immune system, keep clean, use essential oils and medicinal herbs to deter viruses and bad bacteria.

In spite of what we hear from the media, a Government cannot protect you and neither will a vaccine.  How many adults and children do you know that have been vaccinated and have still gotten the measles, flu, shingles or mumps?

Instead of the coronavirus focus, we need to look at a much larger problem:

The growing homeless population.
The trash, filth, urine and fecal matter in the parks, streets and sidewalks should concern us, this is a real threat to our health.  
Open borders –  the media shows us pictures of people being quarantined, children being separated from families.  However, what they are not showing us is the number of people that are coming here with diseases that we are not immune to.

Open borders, which allowed in the coronavirus, and the growing homeless population, are much more of a threat to us.  Don’t let the media get you in a panic and don’t let the government take care of you.  Be self-responsible.  For health conditions, and health information on which essential oils, medicinal herbs and products to use for bacterial or viral related infections download: iles of herbs, APP.

By: M. Iles, Phd, CCMH

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