Hidden History of Vaccines

By: M. Iles, Phd, CCMH

If we don’t know the truth of our past we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in our future.

After many studies, honest medical historians came to the conclusion that the great flu “epidemic” of 1918 was attributed to the widespread use of vaccines.  It was the first war in which vaccinations were mandated for all men in the service.  After the soldiers received the vaccine, The Boston Herald reported that forty-seven soldiers had been killed by this vaccine in one month.  As a result, the military hospitals were filled with casualties of the vaccine, not of war.

So how was this information contained? The “Flu epidemic” was simply renamed to the “Spanish Influenza”, a deliberately misleading name, intended to conceal the origin of this so-called epidemic. This “flu” epidemic claimed 22 million victims, the ones that survived were the ones that refused the vaccine.

More recent was the “swine flu” vaccine, even though there was not a single known case of this flu in the US.  To test this new vaccine a few swine breeders gave permission for this vaccine to be tested on their swine, after the inoculation the swine collapsed and died, but, this did not stop the medical testing.  The result of this is that after 135 million dollars of taxpayers’ money was used to fund a national swine flu inoculation campaign, the swine flu vaccination was given at absolutely no charge.  The campaign was barely completed before 1.3 billion dollars had been filed by victims of this vaccine.   The victims suffered paralysis from the swine flu vaccine.  Again, the “Medical Higher-ups” quickly put into place a word solution to defend the flu vaccine by labeling the new epidemic as “Guillain-Barr Syndrome”

Why is this knowledge not readily available to us?  If Dr. Anthony Morris was still here we could ask him.  Dr. Morris worked at the virus laboratories and was the active director of the Virus Bureau at the Food and Drug Administration.  He proved and publicly stated, “at no point was the swine flu vaccines effective, also it was unnecessary because there were no cases of swine flu on which to test the vaccine”.  To make this short Dr. Morris was fired and a special team of workers rushed in to clean out and destroy his 3 years of research.  Research that also included the poisons contained in vaccines such as: formaldehyde, theimorosal (a derivative of poisonous mercury), polysorbate along with about 80 other substances. 

The physician’s prescription symbol RX – used today is not an abbreviation of a Latin word meaning recipe or compound but instead, it is an invocation to Jupiter, a prayer for his aid to make the treatment effective. It is one of the superstitious elements that has clung to medicine.

Doctors were at one time considered menial servants, used to set bones and patch up soldiers.  

This is honest information to help you make your own decisions.  Remember, true knowledge, cleanliness and self-reliance is the best way to ensure your own good health.

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