The Danger of taking Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Our negligent use of pharmaceutical antibiotics has created a resistance that many people are feeling today when their prescribed antibiotic no longer works. 

About 50% of the antibiotics administered in the United States hospitals are unnecessary, and about 45% of prescriptions written in doctors’ offices are for illnesses that antibiotics cannot help. 

Most animals in every country are given antibiotics to fatten them up and “protect” them from illness. About 80% of the antibiotics sold in the United States every year are for farm animals.  Eating animals injected with antibiotics affect human gut bacteria.

We have created an era of antibiotic resistance.  Alexander Fleming (maker of Penicillin) warned us about 70 years ago that our continued use and misuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics will leave us vulnerable to the new and up-coming drug-resistant bacteria.

Herbal anti-biotic works with the entire body to destroy bad bacteria, viruses and parasites. Pharmaceutical antibiotics destroy ALL bacteria, both good and bad, leaving the body imbalanced, prone to immune weaknesses and other secondary infections. Our first line of defense against bad bacteria is the correct herbs.

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