Staying Healthy as We Age

Wrinkled but feeling well

Aging affects joints, muscles, hearing, memory, hair, skin, eyes, bones and internal body systems, so how do we stay healthy and enjoy all the years to come? The answer is to have a positive plan for aging.

EXERCISE: after age 45 is the time to get consistent with an exercise routine. Staying active (walking, swimming, golfing, bike riding, intense yoga, etc.), will help prevent cardio disease, muscle and bone loss, disease and mental depression/sluggishness/moodiness.

NUTRIENTS/FOODS – eat a balanced diet, for most average people (10% nuts and seeds, 20% grains & legumes, 10% meat, 10% fish, 40% vegetables, 10% fruits.) Reduce sugar, caffeine and alcohol – these can be aging. Seek assistance to find the minerals and nutrients that are needed specifically for you.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – have fun with your partner, go places and schedule activities with family and friends. Social connections can be very important as loneliness and isolation affects health in a negative way. Stay active both mentally and physically, play games (cards, board games, thinking games).

A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP – usually from seven to nine hours of sleep are fine. A lack of sleep can increase health problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, decreased mental function, even weight gain.

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