Risk Factors for Cancer

We create our own health through the habits we have.
Bad Habits – Ill Health & Cancer

What are some of the risk factors of cancer?

** Alcohol – even small amounts of alcohol can destroy tissue.
** Smoking and second-hand smoke –  smoking increases not only the risk of cancer but also cardiovascular problems, emphysema, strokes and bronchitis.
** Lack of Exercise – increasing exercise can cut the risk of cancer by almost 50%. It also reliefs  stress.
** Certain Medical Treatments – radiation, chemotherapy, estrogen and oral contraceptives have been linked to cancer.
** Environmental Exposure – herbicides, heavy metals, chemical based cleaning solutions, chemicals in foods and pesticides all have been linked with cancer.
** Poor Diet – a poor diet will not supply the needed nutrients to maintain healthy cells and a healthy body.  This means a non-functioning immune system. The results can lead to degenerative disease, including cancer.
** Stress – our emotional state of health impacts the health of our body, cells and organs. People that anger easily are prong to heart disease.  However, people that suppress emotions and stress or live in denial can also develop cancer as the internal affects weaken the immune system.

A healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and exercise is one of the single most important things we can do to prevent cancer and maintain a healthy body.

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