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I am Melody Iles, Phd, CCMH. I am well educated, credentialed and have over 20 years of experience.  Through years of practice I have found that patients  SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS seeking many avenues for testing and with many different doctors.  New types of health testing is continually growing (blood type, blood work, hair analysis, heavy metal testing, genetic testing, etc..) but what usually occurs with all this testing is a lot of generated paperwork, a cabinet full of supplements and still no solutions to the root health condition.  With lots of testing and new machines we have forgotten to really look at the body to discover the story of our health.  Through the tongue, fingernails, skin and eyes, existing body weaknesses as well as early warnings of poor health and nutritional deficiencies can be detected.

These early methods of analyzing your body can flag early health problems or can work to discover the root of poor health conditions.

After your analysis is complete, your information is pieced together like a puzzle.  A pattern or map of your health is discovered and then a unique health and supplement program is designed to address your specific health conditions, ultimately placing your body in a position to finally heal naturally.

For a helpful health guide, download “ iles of herbs” APP

For long-term solutions to health problems consider a full health 

analysis and consultation.

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