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Natural Anti-Biotic Herbal Extract

The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics have created super-bugs that have developed a resistance to the most powerful drugs.  These powerful antibiotics are becoming ineffective as well as dangerous to the human body.

However, in nature’s infinite wisdom there are highly effective herbs that naturally have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, all able to protect the human body safely and with deep natural healing powers.


Standard Process and MediHerb are whole food and herbal supplements, only sold to licensed healthcare practitioners.  These supplements supply easy to process, vitamins, minerals, herbs and immeasruable nutrients, allowing the body to replenish itself with an array of nutrition that the body may be lacking. 

For more than 80 years, Standard Process, headquartered in Palmyra, Wis., has provided health care professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements.

Clients:   Leave a Message or Text 843-446-0293 to place Standard Process orders.


Xymogen products are  made with superior, pharmaceutical grade raw materials.  These high grade materials and foumulas differentiate the xymogen quality from other lower quality brands.  All Xymogen formulas meet or exceed  c-GMP quality standards.  

These products are developed and tested to supply the correct specific nutrients to the body without the toxic residue and build up of many other brands. 

Clients:  Leave a Message or Text 843-446-0293 to place Xymogen orders


Pureencapsulations extensive Quality Assurance program guarantees that the entire process involved in creating their premium supplements meet unwavering quality standards. They adhere to careful ingredient sourcing, rigorous manufacturing standards, and third-party laboratory reviews of all finished products for potency and purity. This means they can provide you with an unrivaled product.

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