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The body tells a story

Eyes, Tongue, Fingernails & a Bio-Scan tells the story of your Health

IRIDOLOGY - study of the iris

Iridology is a science mostly practiced in Europe by medical doctors, although it has gained much popularity with holistically oriented practitioners in the United States.

Many iridologists use this practice along with their particular modality of natural healing--most commonly herbs or other nutritional supplements. Chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists, reflexologists, naturopathic practitioners, physical therapists or nutritionists may also use iridology.

The iris does not diagnose disease, however, it does reveal genetically weak areas. The benefits gained by locating a person’s weaknesses are many. Iridologist’s know that any toxins taken into the body if not eliminated will affect and sometimes settle into the weakest tissues in the body. The process of toxic build can lead to degeneration, possible disease, or at least, irritation. 

Toxins are such things as air pollution, stress, polluted drinking water, household chemicals, preservatives, food additives, food colorings, pesticides and the general waste products the body makes on its own. 

An example of this may be a person that shows a weakened urinary system (urinary system includes the bladder, kidneys, urethra and ureter tubes). If this person becomes constipated, the toxins from the sluggish colon are backed up into the blood and are carried throughout the entire body in the bloodstream. By the time the toxins reach the urinary system, it may be too weak to expel the poisons, causing the toxins to settle.  This process can create irritation manifesting as kidney or bladder infection. 

Knowing your weaknesses can guide you to lifestyle changes that will help strengthen weaknesses and prevent future problems. 

Who benefits from Iridology?

  • Those suffering from mysterious symptoms which laboratory tests do not explain. 
  • Healthy individuals who are interested in pro-active disease preventive lifestyle. 
  • Those suffering illnesses whose medical treatments have failed.
  • Parents of young children that are unable to determine their child’s problem. 
  • Adult children of adoptive parents curious to know their own genetic traits. 
  • Expecting parent’s who want to enhance a healthy pregnancy. 
  • Those curious about the SOURCE of their illness. 
  • Those interested in a natural approach to health and balance.

TONGUE & FINGERNAILS - What it says about your health

Do you remember, years ago, when your medical doctor would ask you to stick out your tongue for their diagnosis?  

With our modern high-tech machinery the 2,000 year old art of studying the tongue and fingernails is seldom used.  

Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, is an expert in this art and my studies under him has allowed me to see  the tongue diagnosis in action. I found his analysis of the tongue and fingernails to be both impressive and accurate and after becoming certified in this analysis I have incorporated it in my own practice. 

By looking at teeth marks, ridges, spots and bumps that may be on the tongue, it can distinguish which parts of the body is in trouble.   

  • The tip of the tongue can exhibit red marks or deformities, which are indicative of heart or circulatory problems and these markings usually correlated with fingernail analysis. 
  • Deformities on the lateral portion of the tongue indicate lung related problems. 
  • The edges of the lateral back of the tongue are related to liver or gall bladder trouble. 
  • The root of the tongue indicates kidney, urinary bladder or hormonal issues. 
  • Deep cracked center tongue, shows intestinal and digestive issues. 
  • The underside of the tongue can show heavy metals, circulatory and liver.

No matter how technical we become the old-fashioned and time-tested “hands-on” observation-based analysis is still our strongest indicators of physical decline or immediate problems.  

We are beginning to learn that drugs and surgery have little influence on long-term and chronic illness and so Medicinal Herbs and Holistic Health care are returning to their roots, once again in our country. 

Hand Bio-Scan

Everyone's body is different, often making it difficult to know what foods to eat and nutrients to take. At SCWellness we help take some of the guess-work out of selecting foods and supplements by using the FDA approved HAND BIO-SCAN technology to discover information specific to your body’s unique needs. 

basic example is: your body can receive vitamin C from either eating an orange or from eating broccoli. You may prefer the taste of oranges, but broccoli might actually be the best choice for you if your body is able to extract and process the vitamin C from broccoli more efficiently than from oranges. Perhaps if you were to scan oranges and broccoli in a Bi-Scan you might discover that your body responds more favorably to broccoli, or maybe even unfavorably to oranges.  In other words, you might discover that your body has a biological preference leading to an easier way for your body to process nutrients.


You have probably filled out a health survey before, a series of questions that indicate symptoms. The Hand Bio-Scan is like a questionary for the body but through the electrical properties of the skin and body communcation,the Scan is able to ask and receive information from your body to find out what works best for your specific health needs, what supplements your body is lacking and the state of your organs.

How could your health improve if you were able to discover your body’s preference for nutrition, vitamins, minerals or enzymes? The Bio-Scan is a proactive approach to wellness that helps you function at a higher level or even helps you avoid certain types of illnesses? With biocommunication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you and your healthcare professional design a personalized health and nutrition program. It provides insights that can make a significant difference in the way your body uses and process necessary nutrients.

We provide clients with a Hand Bio-scan on their first visit.  This hand scan helps identify nutrients that the body lacks also organ and body system weaknesses.  The Hand Bio-scan scan can help identify poor health conditions by offering:

* Insight into your health

* Bio-communication that reads body signals

* A way to identify your nutritional deficiencies

* Identifies body stress points

* A more complete picture of your biological body

* Spinal alignment and meridian integrity 

* An emailed or printed evaluation of your personal results