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Fighting Cancer Naturally

There is no single answer, many things need to change in order to fight cancer and bring us back to good health. However, a positive first step after being diagnosed with cancer is to seek qualified holistic care.

In the past four years I have witnessed too many people suffer with cancer. Their healing regiment is the standard protocol, the “one size fits all approach”. When a person is first diagnosed they are usually inundated with herbal suggestions from well meaning family and friends, they sometimes seek help from unqualified people claiming to be herbalist or holistic health care providers.

What I have found is that none of this works. Each person is so individual; cancer attacks differently, cancer reacts differently, cancer manifests differently, therefore there is NO standard protocol to fight cancer.

The most solid and stable way to place the body in a healing position is to find out what is needed for each individual. In other words, what works best for each person and their unique health situation.

There are hundreds of medicinal herbs, nutrients and foods, the key is finding the correct combination that works for you!

Many herbs, supplements and even foods can interfere with medication and other treatments. To regain health, it is important for medicine, herbs, foods and supplements to work in harmony.

I am dedicated and qualified to guide you in finding the correct individual program that will help place your body in a healing state.  I have been in the holistic health care field  for 20 years.  I am quilified not only by years of experience but also education.  

The first step to help fight or prevent cancer is to call our office number.  Both, office appointments and phone consultations are available.

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