Why Practitioners Choose Xymogen

Over the past 20 years I have used various different supplement organizations and their recommended products. Some were very good products that did help my clients. However, when I discovered Xymogen products, and their quality, with their individualized products and nutrient detail to address our human body, I began to see remarkable differences in my clients improved health.

What I especially appreciate, is the fact that Xymogen focuses on a high quality and effective product while leaving the sales to qualified practitioners.  The benefit to the client is a supplement chosen for their specific health condition.  Qualified practitioners help take the guess-work out of product purchasing, saving clients from taking multiple bottles of inferior supplements that work to add toxins to the body, stress the kidneys, bowels and liver.  Xymogen products are designed to work with the human body, providing usable nutrients and supporting organs, cells and body systems.

All other companies that I have worked with, now sell on Amazon and other places online. There are two downfalls of selling online:
No Professional Guidance.  You can order any products, not knowing how your body will respond or if it is even the product that you need.
Lack of Product Quality. After products sit in warehouses that have no  climate control, the product weakens and becomes less effective. Heat, cold and leaching of bottle lining cause degradation of  products.

Holistic and Medical professional, have taken the time to become educated and credentialed. Without Xymogen Practitioners, clients purchase vitamins from a drug store, grocery store, health food store  or online, sacrificing, experienced guidance and knowledge.

In that light, I developed an “iles of herbs” App for the credentialed professional, their clients, and families. The App interfaces with Xymogen, allowing the client to work with their health professional.  Under direction of a practitioner the correct products can be ordered.  Additionally the “iles of herbs” App offers knowledge of healing herbs, & their constituent properties; health conditions; medicinal herbs and Xymogen product suggestions.

For more information holistic information and uses of Xymogen Products download “iles of herbs”.

By: Melody Iles PHD. CCMH


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