Who is at Risk for Cancer

With much misinformation, we are being taught that our genetic make-up is responsible for cancer.  This is a myth!!  Studies with identical twins concluded that most cancers do not stem from genetics.  Some people may be more predisposed to cancer however, poor diet and life-style is the most significant cause of cancer development.  When looking at family history it can appear that certain types of cancers are prominent but, there again, children grow up usually keeping the same eating habits and life-style of their parents and ending up with the same health conditions.

Personality, attitude, stress level, and emotions are also indicators of health conditions.  Healthy emotions promote a healthy body, emotional instability promotes all types of disease, including cancer.   Suppressing emotions or being easily angered can both lead to ill health.  Finding positive ways to express yourself is key to good health, especially when it comes to stress.  Stress alone is extremely detrimental to the immune system, mental health and body systems, stress even affects our cells.

Preventing cancer involves, creating a healthy life-style, minimizing stress, keeping a strong immune system through a good diet that maintains healthy cells and tissues, regular exercise and staying at a good weight for your body.

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