Do you Suffer with Headaches?

Headaches come form many different sources and the reason why there is no one, single, remedy.  Headaches fall into several categories, these categories include:

** Sinus Headache
** Digestive / Indigestion Headache
** Allergy Headache
** Poor Circulation Headache
** Liver Headache
** Ears and Phlegm Headache
** Toxin Headache
** Weakness / Insomnia Headache
** Nervous Headache

The key to solving headaches is to find their root.  Each of the categories listed above will cause different and unique symptoms in the body.  Studying the symptoms can provide a natural solution for headache pain.

For help contact: M. Iles, Phd, CCMH


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  1. Brian says:

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